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Hey all, just wanted to share some code and a sweet picture of a QR code that was generated on an msp430fr5739:




I'm working on a larger project that needed this functionality so I thought a proof of concept before I got too far into this was in order. While the pixels on the LCD I'm using (Nokia 5110 / PCD8544) aren't quite square, this code scans fine on my phone (Nexus 4).


Anyways it uses the qrduino library to generate the code and some pcd8544 library for the lcd display. I briefly attempted to get this running on a g2553 but didn't quite manage it.


The code is at https://github.com/xorrbit/qr430, so fork and add g2553 support if you want!




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Hi Andrew,


I tried using the qr encode files from the below link to display the QR code using MSP450FR5969.(on the EVM MSP-EXP430FR5969). 

As I understand, the output of the  function qrencode() is an array qrframe[] which should represent the bits in the QR barcode.


From your code, I see that the bits of qrframe[] are being re arranged column wise and sent byte by byte to the PCD8544 display. But in our case, we are using the GrImageDraw() driver function from the MSP430Ware and the display used on the EVM displays the pixels horizontally and there is no need for this rearranging.


However,directly using the GrImageDraw() function with an image that uses bytes from qrframe is not displaying the correct QR code tough.(the image appears as some random pixels).


I have attached the zip file containing the source code for the same. Could you help in guiding as to what is wrong /or what has to be modified.


Thanks in advance.




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