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Using Trilateration with Ultrasonic Beacons to Determine Location

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One alternative you have is to use a cheap fixed camera mounted external to the mower wirelessly communicating absolute position.  There are some cheap <$10 2 and 3 MPixel modules that could be used quite effectively if mounted with a relatively high aspect and using quite simple aspect correction/compensation.  I think the most novel design would be to use 2 linear photo diode arrays with 1 dimensional cylindrical lenses arranged perpindicularly as a cross for the 2 position dimensions.  A humble launchpad can handle arrays more easily than 2d camera sensor information.


Another alternative is to use triangulation (rather than trilateration) using 3 or more fixed external vertical lines or beacons and using  an accelerometer and linear photo diode arrays or camera  module/s.    In a non-messy environment this can be the best option, but maybe harder in a mowing environment.

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