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Educational BoosterPack by CircuitCo

Educational BoosterPack Library for Energia   

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Please find my full review of the Educational BoosterPack I posted on my website at http://embeddedcomputing.weebly.com/educational-boosterpack.html


The Educational BoosterPack comes with no ready-to-use library and no out-of-the-box software. 

I really like the educational challenge for the users: looking for the specification sheets, reading and understanding them, writing the libraries from scratch or adapting existing ones.

Obviously, I've developed my own library on Energia for the Educational BoosterPack.


But what should I do?

  • keep the true educational challenge intact?
  • or release the library?

Just answer the poll!

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I wasn't sure to release the library for the Educational BoosterPack but the poll at 43oh gave an overwhelming result for the release of the library.


Please find it at [Energia Library] for Educational BoosterPack (LaunchPad), with three examples:

  • display the X-, Y- and Z- angles from the accelerometer
  • display a RGB colour based on sound, with green=low, yellow=medium, red=high, white=record! 
  • adjust the contrast of the LCD and the font size


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Looks like they've got some more BP's in stock.  http://boosterpackdepot.info/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page

They did add some more detail on the wiki entry though - http://boosterpackdepot.info/wiki/index.php?title=Educational_BoosterPack


Awesome writeup @@Rei Vilo - awesome amount of detail!

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@@TimLeavitt - Ok - heard back from TI - no release date yet. They'll get back to me when they know - they're trying to figure that out. I got an early edition, but I know they had some concerns about supporting the LCD (seemed very sturdy to me, but who knows) - not sure if that's part of the hold up or not.

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