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Universal PCB

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my greatest problem with controllers is: SMD

so i think i buy a board, great: there isn't for what i wont! i need AD 16 or 24 bit and much more...

i need to weld other components, if i use many little board the projects is instable and too big.


so i think: if i make a PCB for sold controller? Good

But it isn't better if i can put more than one controller type? YES


So i have wrote an explanation of intent, a PCB for sold many components types for using in every

situations, many kinds of devices place and differents version of MSP430 plus or less expansive.


The arduino board is less expansive because many peoples use it and much produce it.

Lounchpad is great but not enaught for every thinks as other starter kit.

I think Enegia needs an hardware standard, ok for little projects is enought an universal PCB,

in the future introduce an lcd directly driven or... The MSP430 is able by itself to do a multimeter

or much...

I buy lounchpad not only for funn, i think MSP430+Energia is more efficient and powerfoull than

Arduino they needs only to become adults with a real Hardware.

All other thinks are in the attached file.


How do you think about?

I have make errors?

Other components to consider?


Roberto Pomo


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I know, that Lounchpad is not intended for high power computation or industrial use, but exist olimexino-5510 that is high computation...


In the trouth MSP430 is very stronger than Arduino UNO, much more devices and ability.

Ok if your own interest is only to play it is ok... I know peoples than uses Arduino for industrial thinks, i have used FriendlyArm for that.


I ask only if: why, if we chose of works with MSP430, we can't use all it's power? For hobby, measure battery (in car or trucks) Amperes using existing cables (ADC SD16) temperature very precise with SD16 or more complicated thinks? Nordic RF24 and remote measure or control?

Now i use Ethernet for remote control or automatization but in other situation it is not a well thinks, better RF at low price...


It isn't?

I have not problem to build it for me but i thinks it is better make some thinks usefoull for many people.


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Surely you can use all features, but you'll have to design a lot yourself. The peripheral and interrupt based nature of the msp430 require you to think hard about how to combine functionality in the intended way while maintaining low power.

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I know it is difficoult, how i have wrote in the attached file, the ideas is to be able to use in one pcb all kind of devices, not neccessary every at a time! And the power consumption is one of the problems, if i measure 400V power, it is not a problem! take power from external source not from battery!


I thinks wrote drivers for Linux is more complicated... But i do it, i prefere wrote a new library for Energia than wrote all from zero, so i can use a library and wrote only only a piece and some one wote new piece...


Or not?

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Low power, yes, relatively to the works, do wour realy thinks that 200mA in controlling a machine that consumpt 10Kw is important? 66 parts for million of energy dispersed?!

Have you ever seen the power loss in a standard battery charger? 2.5W of energy from 45W of primary energi?! it is wrote on the bottom...

The big ability of MSP430 is low consumption, yes, read data in hardware and cpu off, then on and computate, turn off and wait.


If i do an universal PCB for not make many PCB what can change with consumption?

Are you secure of what you intend to tell?


So you tell that MSP430F2001 is more efficent that 5510? 5510 has many hardware component and so it consume much...

But lounchpad use energy from USB so you has to keep PC on, energetics... Very efficent?!


If you are interes only in playng, nothings to say, i have made a question:

Some one, interested to develope Energia and MSP430, thinks this is an interesting idea? Other component needed?


If you wont to see a led blinking... you are not interested... But if you wont to came out from little experiment and develope a library it is another thinks.

Only in a work bench multi PCB is usefoull, if you wont Energia on a Plane (low power, very low!) on a robot or attached at a big machine or in the house as a part of it you need a dedicated PCB, not today, not next week but you well need. I have bou various component hardware to test, but at a certain point i'll need to put my component in a place, not on work bench and use it remotely from PC, when i can i put an Arm but in ceranly case it is too big, it consume too much and it is not easy to connect.



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I don't think the reasoning "the rest of the hardware draws power like a leech, so why sohlud I bother about low power" is very useful. If you don't care about low power, wy don't you use an Arduino, or a Raspberry Pi?


Then about the library. Why do you use Energia as a basis to build you library upon? Energia is basically just mspgcc with a buch of libraries. If you're going to write libraries "from bare metal", I suggest you use mspgcc, or maybe bsp430 as your starting point. If you'll use Energia (and its Arduino-like library package) you'll end up with something similar to what's existing already. There's no use in reinventing the wheel.

The standard for the pinout isn't there. As the value line launchpad is fairly restricted in the number of pins (16 I/O lines) there is no real use in tieing hardware to specific pins (unless you require USCI for example); anybode who's using more than one expansion board will need to alter the code again to fit their components to the available I/O lines.

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I don't wont everybody use this schema,

i wont to use big chip 100pin or 64pin, whith 2 channel serial and 2 spi/i2c


i don't use arduino because it is not enought powerfoull! Simply.

I choose Energia because it has library, a starting place, a test device(lounchpad where i have tested ad 16 bit and wrote a little library SD16)

 and because it has many devices included, AD, PWM, DAC, SERIAL and many many pin.

Not in second place, it can run without components, i have buy USB2rs232ttl  (cp2102) i connect it to a chip an it un, no external components, the cp2102 has a power souce, power... 0W if stopped. I i connect a LCD 0.6W with backlight. But in every situation few components.

Fast to prototipize, i play but i work too... :-)


If i can use less power... Good. I need to keep the chip coold for many reasons.

I think you speak about power but i'm not sure you use the calculator.


I prefere Energia because is better use existent library, i compile in my project but it is tested.


If you think that it is not a good idea, OK, i have wrote for find people interested in this idea, i have not asked who is not agree pleas say me!


There are thinks that we can do in various way, but if i need to monitorize 3 line in AC i can't use less than 2mA you can understand? MSP430 can do, which is your problem?

You wont it use 0.2mA when i find a way, great! Today i have much problem with cheaper switching that can worh more than 2 month.


I think that my explanation is very compleate, if you think my idea is not goot, ok, i know, i can,' always swim in a glass, my idea is, if i can make that is better if other peole can use my works, as Arduino give possibility to people that aren't able to calculare a resistor to wrote programs, very basically but some people a day can wrote some of good. This is my only idea, if i can do 2 with some other people we do 4. Better i think.


My first program on controller i wrote 19 year ago with my first circuit with controller and the project way mine, 2 years later i build a clock miniaturised, for that time with no SMD.

I think you use only for lost time...



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