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No MSP430 Projects in Instructible's uP contest

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I was surfing the Instructible's microprocessor contest today and realized that there are no MSP430 projects in the running. With all the talent of the folks who are regulars on this forum, It seems a shame. I did a quick breakdown of the microprocessors the current entries use. The contest ends on Feb 13.


AVR / Arduino - 26


Cypress - 1

Motorola - 1

Parallax - 1

MSP430 - 0

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I think I might enter something. I have a levitating magnet and a stroboscopic guitar tuner working. Any opinions on which I should enter?


If you're wondering what a stroboscopic guitar tuner is, it works by strobing an RGB led at the frequency of the string being tuned. It strobes red, then green, then blue repeatedly. If the string is in tune, it looks white. If it's out of tune, you see 3 strings, one of each color.


Just wondering if anyone thinks one has a better chance than the other.

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