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Sundial - Kids Clock with LEDs

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In the past few month our older daughter woke up in the middle of the night once in a while. She didn't know whether it was late enough to get up and ready for Kindergarten. So she woke my wife and myself up and asked. Bad idea...
I needed a solution for her without the need to read the clock. So I decided to build the "Sundial" clock for her 4th birthday. Well this idea came up maybe 2 month before her birthday. This brought me under pressure to complete it, but I had a good plan and it was ready the day before her birthday.


post-30789-0-67298900-1360701222_thumb.jpg post-30789-0-95219600-1360701474_thumb.jpg


It's driven by a MSP430G2553. It has one LED for the moon and one for the sun. The twelve LEDs for the clock are charlieplexed to four pins. The plexiglass is called endlighten and has some particles in it to enlight the entire area of the glass and not only the edges.
The clock is off all the time. From 7am to 8am the sun and clock are on. From 6 to 7pm the moon and clock are on.
Beside the moon is a capacitive sensing area behind the wood. It's just one button and turns on the clock and depending on the time 7am - 6pm the sun and 6pm - 7am the moon for 30 seconds.

The video shows a bit of the details.


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Thanks! I'd be curious on the other project, do you have a link to the project on Adafruit?


Today we figured out that 7am is too late for the sun. My daughter was sitting in bed at 6:30 and waiting for the sun. Actually the 7am was an agreement to work for all days. Now I have to split it up to working days and weekend, means I have to add a weekday counter too.

I think I'm going to shift it at least to 7:30 for the weekends ;-)

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LEGO sounds like a cool idea too. I've never heard of 8" high LEGO figures though. How do they move, or do you need to motorize it yourself? From a timeframe this has been my most challenging project, but I was quite motivated to make it happen ;-)

They're fairly readily available - mostly as torches. No motors as standard but they're large enough that fitting a servo shouldn't be too hard. I've got a Stormtrooper alarm clock one intended as the base for my nephew's clock, and a Darth Vader that may one day use his light saber display the results of our source code builds at work. I've also used one for my son's nightlight (including a MSP430 based PIR) as documented here - http://www.instructables.com/id/Motion-sensing-Lego-figure-nightlight/

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