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Connecting external JTAG programmer (Olimex JTAG-ISO-MK2) to MSP430 Launchpad

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FYI, this is how you connect an external JTAG debugger to the MSP430 Launchpad:


- on the MSP430 Launchpad, unplug the RST/TEST/VCC jumpers to disconnect the Launchpad's jumpers
- use male/female jumper wires to jumper the 14-pin cables pins to the launchpad headers as follows:
1 - RST
2 - GND
8 - TEST
9 - VCC


Why do this since the MSP430 Launchpad has one built in?  The built-in JTAG debugger can't blow the security fuse if you're planning on productizing prototypes.  The Olimex JTAG-ISO also has this neat feature that lets you measure low current power usage (the MSP430 Launchpad uses roughly 100uA because my app was mostly in sleep mode).


Unfortunately, it looks like Olimex's JTAG-ISO debugger has a bug so it doesn't work in SpyBiWire mode (it's stuck in full JTAG mode)...waiting on a driver fix from them :-P


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Spy bi wire is invented by ti, only specifically built for msp430 debuggers can talk it.


SBW is JTAG version over 2 (TEST/RESET) wires. I made SBW programmer few years ago, and working now on another one, and I am not working for TI.


Also, MSP430 DLL is open source now: http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/MSP_Debug_Stack


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Yep, and everyone copied their FET430UIF design anyways.  More info on the pinouts, etc. in case someone hasn't seen this page:



I'm talking to Olimex support about this...hopefully, it's a quick fix.  They made me verify the pinouts for the Nth time and it looks like in their schematics, they put SBWTDIO on Pin 11 instead of Pin 1 which makes no sense if they're trying to be compatible w/ other MSP430 JTAG debuggers :-P

I didn't think it'd be an issue since everyone basically copied the TI 4FET430UIF design.

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So FYI, Olimex apparently decided to do their own weird pinouts on their JTAG debugger so it doesn't match TI's FET-UIF debugger :-P


They put SBWTDIO on Pin 11 (it's Pin 1 on TI's debugger).  If you're manually running jumper wires, this makes no difference.  If you're trying to use Tag-Connect's TC2030 POGO connector because you're short on board space, it does make a difference because that means a fleabay FET_UIF copy is plug and play but the Olimex debuggers are jumper hack workarounds :-P

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