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Running Out Of Space

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Hi DogLover,

Transitioning from Arduino eh! I was there at one point. :)


Anyway, 1mhz or 16mhz is the speed at which you want to run your processor. The msp430g2553 is fairly capable and can run at up to 16mhz. So, nothing to do with the space on your chip. I addition, you'll find out that the msp430g2553 has 16kb of flash space for the code that you write on the chip vs. 2kb for the 2231 variant. Meaning if you don't select the proper board, you'll run out of space.


Hope this helps.

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The ping is pretty much the same as the HC-SR04

Lonnie has a tutorial about how to hook it up to the MSP430. Lonnie chose to ignore the 5 volt intolerance of the msp430 and hasn't fried an MSP430 yet. Yoking aside, the MSP430 really is 5Volt intolerant and subjecting any of it's IO's to a voltage 10% higher than the supply voltage will eventually damage it. The easiest and cheapest way is to supply the PING with 5 Volt from the USB connector as Lonnie shows in his video and then use a resistor divider to step down to 3.3 Volt.


Watch the video first then read the tutorial.



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