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Old links broken?

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I've hit this a few times.  It seems that links in posts to topics on 43oh that include a reference to a post number, that were posted before the transition (whew...still with me?) are broken.  They will load, show the first post in thread, and then jump to a "page not found" error...which is (I'm assuming) when the software attempts to jump to the topic anchor.


Here is an example:



I'm using the latest version of Chrome on windows XP, but I see the same behavior on Windows 7 as well


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Just tried it. Got http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2009-ethernet-booster-pack/ but no "page not found" error. Safari on OSX. Did you get the same in FF or IE?


That link is different from the one I posted.  The one that is broken is : 43oh.com /forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=2529&start=110#p21392  with a space to stop the auto formatting.  Did your browser auto resolve /forum/viewtopic.php?.... to /topic/2009-ethernet-booster-pack?  If so, it sounds like something might be up with the mod_rewrite settings



edit:  If I stop the page from loading before it errors out, I get this URL:




Looks like mod_rewrite isn't parsing it correctly and MAC browsers just handle the error differently

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I dunno if this is related, but this post:




Rick's link to the insomnialight.com URL is totally borked, like the forum software took the "..." shorthand in the middle literally and now it links to "http://www.insomnialighting.com/product" with the "..." and "s2811.html" as extraneous text.

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