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LPC1769 web interface board

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Hey all,


For a school project, I wanted to make a web interface board. Sadly MSP430s just don't cut it for advanced applications. I wanted to make a powerful portable web server I could plug into certain projects. Majority of code base credit goes to Brad S, my partner in crime. Credit also a course also goes to RobG for his brilliant universal lcd lib.


Web server board has the following features:


ARM cortex m-3 LPC1769 MCU

LPC1769 USB mini device interface

SPI based micro SD card interface

W5200 web server





I also made a docking board which as an NRF wireless chip on it and one of Robs 2.2" LCD touch displays on it.



Also made a wireless interface board which goes in application you wish to control. This guy uses an msp430G2553.



Been a long work in progress.

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Now thats what *I'm* talking about :smile:


I'd definitely be interested in reading about the design aspect of this project. School white paper, or whatever. This kind of project is what wulfman and I both have in mind later on down the road. Though we have though about it from several different approaches. Like using an android device, as kind of a master for external sensor / control devices. That sort of thing.


The very first embedded project I participated in used a rabbit semi board not all that dissimilar from this. Granted, the rabbit processor is far less capable, and of course is based on a completely different architecture (modified/modernized z80 as I recall ).


Looking forward to seeing where you and your partner  end up with this.

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