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Greetings from So Cal

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I came here via JP1 remote controls, Glow with the Show Mickey ears, and BCS brewtroller.

Desired projects include IR communication and learning general micro controller function. Waiting for LaunchPads to arrive I need to pick an IDE....

Welcome. CCS is your best IDE to start with. it's a huge download though.

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I personally use IAR kickstart, but CCS is the "official" TI IDE, the compilers are comparable in features and quality.

If you want a less steep learning curve, you might consider Energia, which is the MSP430 port of the IDE used in Arduino boards.

If you're really brave, build your own toolchain using an editor of your liking (eclipse seems popular) with the mspgcc compiler/linker chain.

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Boy howdy CCS takes a while to install. I thought it was hung at first. Glad I didn't wait for my LaunchPad to arrive to install. I would not get to play with it tonight.


My favorite editor is vi. Maybe that dates me a bit.


I figure I'll be running examples for a while and easiest for that is a worth while quality. I expect I'll end up on CodeSourcery based on what a friend uses even if only for Stellaris/ARM when I get there.

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