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CCS custom project template (cycle count listing)

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Although I don't program 430's in assembly (yet ;-)) I was particularly interested in this post about naken430asm in the tips section. Naken430util's disassembly listing with per-instruction cycle counts looked like a useful optimisation tool, and a good way to keep tabs on the compiler. I tried it out and liked it so much that I wanted to integrate it into my future CCS projects as standard.


After poking around in the CCS install folder and reading TI's instructions I managed to make a plugin that adds a new project template. It's based on the standard "Empty project with main.c" template, but adds a post build step that generates a .hex file and naken430util cycle listing.


To set up the plugin:

1) Download naken430asm and install wherever you like

2) Download ProjectTemplate.zip

3) Copy the com.ti.ccstudio.custom.project.templates_1.0.3.201302072330 folder from the .zip into the ccsv5\eclipse\plugins folder of your CCS install

4) Run CCS. You need to be signed in to a user account that can write to the CCS install folder! (CCS writes there when it finds a new plugin)

5) Select the Window>Preferences menu option and navigate to C++>Build>Build Variables in the Preferences window

6) Add a new build variable called CG_TOOL_NKA_UTIL, select "File" type and enter the path to naken430util.exe


Once you've done all that you should have a new template in the "Empty Projects" template group when you try to make a new CCS project. Projects based on this template will save <ProjectName>.hex and <ProjectName>_cyc.txt to the output folder after every build.


Hope that's of use/interest to someone!

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