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Energia "damaged" on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

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Ok, thanks for your replies. I would like to use it on my Mac but it looks like I'll have to run it in Windows for the time being.

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The "damaged application" message is a cryptic reminder that Energia isn't signed and thus not truth-worthy according the Mountain Lion.


Proceed as follow:

  • Launch Systems Preferences on the Apple menu
  • Select Security and Privacy
  • Click on the padlock, type your password and confirm
  • Select Authorise the apps downloaded from everywhere and confirm
  • Go back to the folder containing Energia 
  • Ctrl-click on Energia and select Open
  • If a message asks you to confirm, confirm
  • Once Energia is running, go back the the Systems Preferences and select the previous setting for Authorise the apps, either Mac App Store or Mac App Store and Identified developers.

Next time you double-click on Energia, the application will be launched normally.

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