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TI's memory of choice

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What is TI's memory of choice?

I need to use memory in my project (serial SRAM and EEPROM,) but I don't want to use anything from TI's competitors.

They use Winbond Serial flash. You can find them used alot in the Stellaris kits, specifically in RDK-IDM-SBC Firmware Package under stellarisware. You can integrate it with fatfs too. There are examples of that too.

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Are you a TI employee?  Go with the best solution for your app.  I have a project with ST and TI components on the same board... the universe did not collapse.


Also, as I'm sure you know, MSP430 has no external memory bus option.  IMHO EEPROM is normally your best choice as an external memory, apart from FRAM or MRAM.  If you need more SRAM in an MSP430 project, really you need to upgrade your MSP430.

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Hi - I was following this thread.   In the spirit of innovation (which is why many of us are here) and since nobody mentioned it yet --  has anyone checked Everspin MRAM out of Chandler AZ?  Looks like another magnetic storage in various handy pinouts / sizes / speeds.


Has anyone gotten their hands on this technology yet?   Sampled it?   I'm sure pricing is fluid and high as it is new.

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