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[Energia Library] Colour LCD 2.2" Touch Library for LaunchPad + StellarPad

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Here is the library for Rob's nice 2.2" Color LCD Booster Pack with Touch with a reference manual.




I've tested it successfully with a LaunchPad MSP430G2553 and a StellarPad LM4F120H5QR.



  1. SPI maximum speed MSP430G2553 = SPI_CLOCK_DIV4 and LM4F120H5QR = SPI_CLOCK_DIV2
  2. Software SPI implementation doesn't work for getTouch(): issues with shiftIn().
  3. For the LM4F, screen SPI communication needs to be cleaned with a useless point(0, 0); before talking to the touch controller.


Enjoy :smile:
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