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16x2 LCD for TI Launchpad - Need help.

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O.k - Well i had my msp430 Launchpad for a while now, and i have one of these items:



I am clueless how to add the lcd to the launchpad, i am a super beginner to this, are there any simple how-to videos?

Also i do not have a soldering gun i perfer not to use one, would i have to use a beginner breadboard?

What other items would i need to get this to work? what kind of wires?


Im sorry i know this is considered very basic to many of you, but i would love to learn from others.

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You need to implement the HD44780 driver in firmware.  You can probably find some sample code, or even some ready-to-run libraries.


You'll need a way to connect the wires to the display, so you'll probably need to solder a header to it.  that is, a bank of pins to connect wires onto.  You can use "wire wrap" if you want.  Personally, I would just buy some female jumper cables.

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You need to find a datasheet for your display (which will have information about pinout, commands, voltage levels, etc.)


Looks like this is a 5volt device, so you will have to be careful about connecting it to the launchpad (3 volt device) - be careful to use 5 volt tolerant pins (if there are any), or converters, etc.


Edit: The following document from TI might be helpful in the latter respect



(It, like the datasheet, may not be very beginner friendly.)



I just happened upon a project using a similar LCD on a different microcontroller (AVR).



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