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Is it just me, or does this ip.board really suck when it comes to dealing with preformatted / code blocks? I've gone back and looked at some code I and others have posted. Why isn't there an easy way to include code with something like phpbb does with bbcodes?


Take this post for example:




for(state = 0; ...


Something has gone in and rewrote the for loop code and stuffed html image tags in there ?


What can we do so I can use code from old posts without having to try and figure out what got replaced with html tags?


How do I easily include preformatted text that isn't "code" ... oh and by the way how do I shut off the numbering of the lines?


Less than happy with IP.Boards,


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(c) (c) ( c )   /* hmmm .. maybe using javascript as the type would get what i want ..*/ #include "test.h" // let's try some stuff that breaks .. // void foo'(' 'c' ')'; void foo(c) { c++; } //

@@robotlover17 - You should choose carefully which thread you post in for your desired audience.  This thread is meant for comments on a bug that has long since been fixed.   You would get more resp

Testing above code:

unsigned state, c, n, addr, fgr, fgg, fgb, bgr, bgg, bgb, mkr, mkg, mkb;

for(state = 0; ;-) {
c = getc();
if(c == '<') {
state = 1;
} else if(c == '>') {
if(state == 11) {
// End of packet - do something
state = 0;
} else if(c >= '0' && c <= '9') {
n = c - '0';
if(state > 1 && n > 1) state = 0;
switch(state) {
case 1: ++state; addr = n; break;
case 2: ++state; fgr = n; break;
case 3: ++state; fgg = n; break;
case 4: ++state; fgb = n; break;
case 5: ++state; bgr = n; break;
case 6: ++state; bgg = n; break;
case 7: ++state; bgb = n; break;
case 8: ++state; mkr = n; break;
case 9: ++state; mkg = n; break;
case 10: ++state; mkb = n; break;
default: break;
} else {
state = 0;
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Seems to have been fixed in the newer updates. This unfortunately does not fix posts that already have been made. I copy pasted Opossum's code.



Do you have more example of this?

It seems to have broken all the old posts ..


just search for 'icon_e_wink.gif' ... or the copyright symbol ... code that used to say © ...

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I'm using google chrome on linux .. or mac  .. or android ..


all i did was reply in the box below .. and type © and press "POST"  btw i typed 3 chracters '(' 'c' ')'

When in editor mode, try using paste as plain text by default. It's a tiny gear symbol at the end of the top bar in the editor.

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using chrome on windows 7 here, does the same thing to me too ( as Rick describes ).


Copy pasted code from one of oPossums posts ( Nokia 5110 C++ template library ), and it injected html copyright symbol into my code. Which was probably on the post to begin with. I just didn't notice it at first.


But a lot of oPossums code posts have either copyright symbols injected in, or for->loops like Rick mentioned formed into forum smiley code.


Yeah putc© <--- for example.




Only way I see to possibly fix this is to somehow instruct all text within a code <block> to be left untouched. But i would have no idea how to do that.

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