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CircuitCo Educational Boosterpack LCD Code Example

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I found a post on the TI E2E community asking questions about the LCD on the educational boosterpack. Someone posted some code for energia and it worked perfect. I took the code and "translated" it to non energia. Here is the forum post. Also here is documentation for the LCD itself from the manufacturer website (PDF). Right now this code prints "hello 43oh.com" . I am going to play with it more later tomorrow. If it is messy code I apoligize, long day at school work in addition to getting use to this platform.. 


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OK, so what are gator holes? They look a bit like the old banana plugs that used to be used on multimeters. I haven't seen them documented anywhere.

I'm wondering that myself.  One is connected to 2.7 with a weak pull-up resistor (22M).  The other is connected to GND.  CapTouch, XOUT and GPIO are all you can do with the pin.  Would the pull-up interfere with CapTouch?  


It'll be interesting to see the Wiki when they add code examples.

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The Educational BoosterPack comes with no ready-to-use library and no out-of-the-box software. 

I really like the educational challenge for the users: looking for the specification sheets, reading and understanding them, writing the libraries from scratch or adapting existing ones.

Obviously, I've developed my own library on Energia for the Educational BoosterPack.


But what should I do?

  • keep the true educational challenge intact?
  • or release the library?

Just answer the poll!

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