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MAX31855 based reflow oven controller

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Ok everyone, sorry for the lameness on my behalf, but im going to upload the code for the project right after I make this post.


I have not worked on it since the last post I have made, but I have been busy with another project ( beaglebone black ), and we've been doing a lot of work on our Ranch here.


As stated in a previous post, the code does work, although it will most likely need tweaking from oven to oven. For most of the "driver" files I am happy with the code, or mostly(gpio file needs work but is functional), but the profile file feels very messy, and just needs work in general to me. reflow3.h is where the application spends most of its time, and where most of the "logic" happens.


Anyway, we need to figure out how we're going to insulate our oven better really before I can make any further *sane* tests, at which point I will continue working on the code. What is here in code so far should give a basis for anyone who wishes to improve on their own version . . . something to work with. Feel free to modify and post changes at your own digression.


ZIP file will be on the first page.

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