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USB to multiple UART

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Recently as I've been working on more and more projects that I need to interact with via UART for debugging or interfacing, and I've been running out of serial ports!


I was wondering if anyone knew of any boards/chips that would give me several virtual com ports from 1 IC/1 USB Port? All the USB to UART IC's and adapters I see give you only 1 UART and at most a few GPIO's, but I've yet to find any that give you multiple UART ports.

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How about the FT4232H? It has four UARTs inside it.


Here's the datasheet for it.


The chip costs around $10 each. Mouser has some modules for around $30 each but you will still have to wire up each UART to your target.


What do you think? I'm thinking that there's a marketable product to be made with that device.

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