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So I was writing some input code for serial UART a few days ago, and when I picked back up on it yesterday. I just started banging away, and wound up with the code listing below just before I went to bed. After looking through it today, I started to think about how much of this code is really necessary for most of the projects I will be working on. Then I started wondering How this could be done better. I have my own ideas, but was curious as to how others would implement a similar feature.


All comments welcome.


#include <msp430.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include "input.h"


	unsigned int selected:1;
	unsigned int complete:1;
	unsigned int confirmed:1;
	unsigned int value;
} selection;

void get_selection(void);
void print_selection(void);
void test_selection(void);
void confirm_selection(void);
unsigned char getc(void);
void printf(char *, ...); 

int get_input(void)
	selection.selected = 0;
	selection.complete = 0;
	selection.confirmed = 0;
	selection.value = 0;

	return selection.value;

void get_selection(void)

 * [test_selection description]
 * Gets imput from user, and tests if input value is a valid selection.
void test_selection(void)
	char buffer[BUFFER_LENGTH];
	char* buffer_ptr;
	unsigned char input;

	memset(buffer, '\0', BUFFER_LENGTH);
	buffer_ptr = &buffer[0];
	// Loop until buffer is NULL terminated.
	while (buffer_ptr)
		// Test buffer length.
		if (strlen(buffer) < (BUFFER_LENGTH -1)) 
			// Get input from user.
			input = getc();
			// Test for return keypress.	
			if (input == '\r')	
				// Terminate buffer with NULL ( exits loop )
				buffer_ptr = '\0';
			}// Test for numeric or alpha numeric input.
			else if (isdigit(input) || isalpha(input))
				// Place input into buffer.
				*buffer_ptr = input;
				// Echo value back to terminal so we can see what key we pressed.
				printf("%s", buffer_ptr);
				// Increment buffer pointer to next position.
			// Buffer size limit reached, NULL terminate buffer (exits loop ).
			buffer_ptr = '\0';
	// Values from input valid. Move on to confirming input.
	if(strcmp(buffer, "1") == 0){selection.selected = 1;}
	// Invalid selection. Let user know then re-enter input loop.
	else{printf("Invalid selection: %s\r\n", buffer);}

void print_selection(void)
	printf("make a selection.\r\n");
	// TODO: Add options list.

void confirm_selection(void)
	printf("Press Y to continue, or N to cancel.\r\n");
	char input = getc();
	if (isalpha(input))
		if (input == 'Y' || input == 'y')
			selection.confirmed = 1;
		else if (input == 'N' || input == 'n')
			selection.selected = 0;

unsigned char getc(void)
    while (!(IFG2 & UCA0RXIFG));             
	return UCA0RXBUF;


wow those comments are annoying, lets see if i can fix that. Semi fixed, but no idea where that crazy indent is coming from.

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