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MSP430G2312 won't work standalone

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I wouldn't know why not. A small resistor calculation would give:

3v3/47k = 70uA even if the launchpad would have a resistor on this pin elready, the accumulated current would be about 140uA. There is no problem for the MSP to drive such a pin (I say this, because the programmer part of the launchpad is another MSP430).

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Heh, never thought about pulling TEST to GND.  Wonder if that's what kept screwing me up last month... (was doing a standalone WS2811 driving board and it was acting very bizarre, never figured it out)



Actually the datasheet (G2x53, G2x13 datasheet I'm looking at) mentions there is an internal pull-down on the TEST line.


Rinternal - Internal pulldown resistance on TEST ... MIN 25, TYP 50, MAX 90 (units kOhms)

Maybe that's just not sufficient?

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