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Bootloader for MSP430

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Hello guys,

I don't know how many of yous have watched this by Simpleavr quoting:


boot430 usb bootloader capability demonstration. 1. flashing of bootloader via TI launchpad. 2. RGB blinky app via bootloader. 3. LED digit counter via bootloader.


I feel quite excited, that means we will have similar functionality to Arduinos, with a simple serial bootloader!

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I feel quite excited, that means we will have similar functionality to Arduinos, with a simple serial bootloader!


this is just a patch up use case for the bbusb bit-bang usb framework done by mathias and oPossum. it has it's potentials, but i won't compare it w/ arduinos, arduinos are a complete ecosystem (don't know if i use the word right) that includes libraries, h/w, tutorials, support channels, etc.


the bootloader u saw comes from a reference project from v-usb. in some ways it's more useful than arduino as u don't need usb / uart circuit. but than the application also cannot communicate w/ PC via uart / acm.cdc etc.


my intention is to try various use cases for bbusb and harden the framework for general use. i had tried mouse, keyboard and others had try joy-stick type setups. it is just nature for me to try a bootloader use case as they are also popular in v-usb usages. i am also very interested to get a bootloader working so that i can build "everything on an usb key" type of projects. 


there are still works be done on this bootloader before i intend to check it in github. i will provide a brief description here for the time being.


current features:

. supports g2553, up to 12k applications (just for addressing convenience, bootloader actually taking only 2.4k)

. linux and windows w/ cygwin tested.

. transfer is reasonably reliable. (via some checking and avoiding a bug / deficiency in bbusb)

. port 1 interrupt does not work at the moment. (more on that)

. support only no-crystal version of bbusb.

. bootloader init() checks for D- pull-up, if not present, runs application immediately.

. if D- pull-up present, wait 1 second for usb reset from host, if that does not happen, runs app.


at the moment the bootloading is not done in a "right" way, no bulk transfers and code hacked to avoid a bug / deficiency in bbusb. i (and may be others) are trying to fix bbusb so that things can be done right.


the other bigger issue is that unlike some other high-end chips, the g series does not support interrupt vector table re-location. so i am faced w/. this problem.


. the bootloader uses bbusb which in turn uses port1 interrupt to work the usb. this is the only interrupt the bootloader uses.

. upon firmware update request, the target application's interrupt vectors are "mapped" w. the bootloader's.

. so the final interrupt vector on the device is "mostly" of the app's, except for RESET which points to the bootloader init() and port1 which we need for usb.


i currently do not have a very good way to handle the port1 interrupt. if u have any idea, please reply and see if we can make it work.








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At least back it up to bitbucket, they have free private git repos then you can flick it up to github in one commit history squash.

it's really messy now. i can't show all my messy work and comments (will definitely introduce a lot of WTFs :-o ). will try and clean it up a bit this week and upload.

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  • 3 weeks later...

changes since releasing video.


  • supports both 8k and 16k devices
  • fixed bug in assembler code regarding SE0 checks (fixes from Mecrimus-B).
  • loaded application can share same port 1 interrupt w/ bootloader (w/ a slight delay).
  • include two example apps as show on video.


thanks Mecrimus-B, oPossum, Christian Starkjohann for the ground works.


source code now available for the adventurous.




please see README on github project page for more detail.

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