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Best information for those new to the MSP430?

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For Energia compiler users, this link is very important, key to most features:  https://github.com/energia/Energia/wiki/Hardware

Also, I forget on here where I found this compiled list of short cheats for energia:




But it is always good to have handy for noobs like me.

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If you are new to the MSP430 then you're probably drowning in information right now. It's true that there are a zillion configurations to make before the 430 will do what you want it do do. So I'm b

So, now you got a job doing hardware design and you want to use the MSP430 in your design.   But you've discovered that your boss has insisted on using this "wicked cool awesome" and ancient 5V sen

To me ..   These two have provided the best information so far:   1. http://mspsci.blogspot.com/2010/07/tuto ... arted.html 2. http://glitovsky.com/blog/?p=85

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As you progress in your development of an embedded system based upon the MSP430, you will eventually have to cut your dependency on your dev board. When you do this, you will have to give your system the ability to be programmed.


Whether by JTAG or by Spy-Bi-Wire, you will have to assimilate and understand the information inside this document. Otherwise, you will have a brick coming off the assembly line.


Do want to make a million bricks or a million dollars?


Knowing this information will save you time, money and prevent ulcers!



4. slau320: Programming via the JTAG Interface


This document describes the functions that are required to erase, program, and verify the memory module

of the MSP430

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should get you the latest copy (note: unless they change their scheme)




I updated the main post with the scheme you posted.. they have changed it since last year where it was just ti.com/lit/doc.pdf

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And yet two more years into the future, many things have changed even more. Personally, I'm finding it very easy to goolge things like "msp430 ADC" and find a working example very quickly. Of course, having morethan 4-5 years hands on experience with microcontrollers, and embedded Linux has not hurt one bit .  .

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