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[Energia Library] Nordic nRF24L01+ library

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Yes, the blinking works fine. Most recently, I removed the blinking and loaded the exact code from github.

The brown and orange are in their correct locations. The picture can be misleading.

Everything works exactly the same on the launchpad. Before, I was getting 1/2VCC on some of the pins such as CE, but I think that's because the LED was still connected. Now, I disconnected it.

Adding a 0.1uF cap from VCC to GND does nothing. I make it common practice to put a cap from RST to ground though.

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I guess you are right then it must be the software.

I'm just surprised that the scores of other people haven't had this same problem.  @Fmilburn just tested with V17 it appears he is using some manner of windows.  I'm on linux and it seems to work fine.  Maybe it is a platform issue. 

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I've always had horrible luck with software. That's why I'm a hardware guy.

Probably my only bet now is to buy two new complete launchpads and start from scratch.

Still, I have to stress that the MOSI pin is behaving in exactly the same way the CSN pin should behave. Somehow, I think the pins got switched around in the code.

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I just got two new launchpads and loaded them with the transceiver codes. They work great! However, I did take note of some interesting observations:

1) The transmitter pins did not change at all. CE remained low, CSN remained high, and MOSI was pulsing just before transmitting each bit. So, it turns out the transmitter was working fine after all.

2) I took the receiver off the launchpad and used it as a standalone with the same configuration as before. No luck.

3) Something I failed to mention before was that the receiver on standalone would sometimes turn the LED on with the transmitter, but this happened rarely. It's happening again, only more frequently. So it is trying to work, but I must be missing something in the hardware configuration.

Looking at the launchpad schematic, it looks like all I need is the resistor and cap going to the RST pin, which I already have. Resistor is 47K as indicated, but I used a 0.1uF instead of a 1nF as specified. I'm going to give that a try next.

So to summarize, the problem is that the receiver is not working off the launchpad. Other than that, all hardware is functioning properly.

Here is a link to the launchpad schematic:


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Looks like I should have listened to Fmilburn all along. Adding the decoupling cap fixed the problem. I'm now able to transmit from the launchpad to the module on the breadboard.

Thanks guys!


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Hi Spirillis, your library for nrf module has been very useful for me in my project. I need to extend it to multiceiver, so I made a few changes

 In Enrf24.cpp 

1)  _writeReg(RF24_EN_RXADDR, 0x03)  to      _writeReg(RF24_EN_RXADDR, 0x07)


2) void Enrf24::setRXaddress(const void *rxaddr1)

{ _writeRegMultiLSB(RF24_RX_ADDR_P1, (uint8_t*)rxaddr1, rf_addr_width);} 


void Enrf24::setRXaddress(const void *rxaddr1,const void*rxaddr2)
{ _writeRegMultiLSB(RF24_RX_ADDR_P1, (uint8_t*)rxaddr1, rf_addr_width);

_writeRegMultiLSB(RF24_RX_ADDR_P2, (uint8_t*)rxaddr2, rf_addr_width)



and I changed definitions correspondingly in Enrf24.h

To test this, in the transmitter side, I am sending data to rxaddr2, but I am not getting any output from the receiver side. Is there anything I am missing here?

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