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Considering Video Tutorials for Energia

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I'm considering recording some video tutorials and writing some tutorials to be available in PDF, Mobi and Epub formats for Energia.


I've got some ideas for topics around the basic Arduino introduction things, does anyone have any suggestions?


I have a Zoom H4n for voice, Camtasia for Mac, Final Cut Pro for video.


Although I intend to make it clear you can do coding the "Arduino way", I also want to make it clear that this only works for "always on" projects, and cover the alternatives. 


I intend to work through the year on it as my year long project so ideas for topics, etc are helpful :smile:


Not intending to charge for it, and happy to give credit!

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Maybe use the MSP430x2xx users guide. as a  .  .. guide for subject ordering. So like maybe do the Arduino "easy" explanation, then perhaps move on to the gcc-msp430 way of doing things. perhaps.


Also, if you did like maybe a very short daily thing ( weekly, or whatever ), just covering the very basics, then perhaps show how the given subject is useful in a larger application at some other point in time . . .


Depending on what, and how you covered the material, I think this could be great.


Though you should probably start off on a high level explanation of what the MSP430 *is*, and how it can be important for use in projects.




On a personal note. If you plan on covering mspgcc, I think it would be very important to cover port/pin setup in software. In extreme detail. How to configure, proper pin setup ordering, etc. As well as What to do with unused pins etc( best practices ). I am not so sure extreme detail would be necessary for high level Energia, at least not as extreme, but I know it would be very helpful for many using mspgcc, without the Energia library. That would include me somewhat.

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