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Products using MSP430

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A MSP430F415 in a cheap fingertip oximeter from AliExpress




Teardown here: http://www.kean.com.au/oshw/oximeter/


I wonder if that nicely labeled JTAG header is still functional.



With 16K Flash and 512 bytes of RAM, this MCU is comparable to the MSP430G2553. Energia on an oximeter anyone?


Addendum 2/28: I ordered an identical looking model off AliExpress. Unfortunately, it's no longer MSP430 inside :-( It's now powered by a STM32F030 ARM M0.

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MSP430F5435A and CC2560 in the remote control of the new Amazon Fire TV http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Amazon+Fire+TV+Teardown/23856#s61356

Apple G5 PowerMac (PCI version, circa 2004)     There where also several other TI chips for power management and firewire on the huge motherboard.

Philips Hue Tap, a wireless light switch without battery, featuring a MSP430FR5730   Teardown by Adafruit, with the MSP430 discovered at the 15 minute mark. https://youtu.be/4T4nhuobjZM?t=875  

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I went to Sears yesterday to get my new lawn mower and I got a free gift, Kenmore Alfie Voice-Controlled Intelligent Shopper.
The regular price of Alfie is $49, but they are now on sale for $25. However, if you are SYW member and you spend more than $25, you get one for free (expires 7/1/17!) 
BTW, I also found Alfie for $7.95 on Amazon (with free Prime shipping, even cheaper from other vendors.)

What's the big deal about Alfie? Crack one open and you will find the following:
CC3200R1 Single-Chip Wireless MCU (with W25Q32JV (32M-bit) serial Flash memory from Winbond and a chip antenna)
TLV320AIC3100 Low-Power Audio Codec With Audio Processing and Mono Class-D Amplifier
3.7V 500mAh LiPo battery
12 WS2812B LEDs
Other useful things are microphone, large speaker, 2 LEDs, 2 switches, and USB port

In other words, IoT experimenter's treasure chest!

Can't wait to hack that thing (there's what appears to be programming header on the board.)






alfie inside.jpg


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