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Products using MSP430

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MSP430F5435A and CC2560 in the remote control of the new Amazon Fire TV http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Amazon+Fire+TV+Teardown/23856#s61356

Apple G5 PowerMac (PCI version, circa 2004)     There where also several other TI chips for power management and firewire on the huge motherboard.

Philips Hue Tap, a wireless light switch without battery, featuring a MSP430FR5730   Teardown by Adafruit, with the MSP430 discovered at the 15 minute mark. https://youtu.be/4T4nhuobjZM?t=875  

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This one is literally making my day since a while ago.

It's an alarm clock controlled by your sleep phase.

When I first heard of this I thought it's just another way of alarm clock with better advertisement.

Anyway I tried the same technique with "Sleep as Android" and couldn't really believe it works as good as it did. Waking and getting up was much easier.

So I bought the AXBO sleep phase alarm clock.



I also found a blog entry about messing with the internals.



Didn't even know it uses a 430 until then. Even better on the version for 2 people they use 3 430s :-)

An MSP430F436 in the clock and a MSP430F1101A in each of the transmitters.

I already bought one of these NRF24 boards on ebay to mess with it a bit. Let's see what comes out of this.

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It looks like it must have something to do with the NFC.  I'm kind-of amazed they dedicated two chips to NFC, but I like it (I love NFC).


Anyway, they must be off-loading a lot of the NFC/NDEF functionality to the 5259.  Otherwise, there would be no reason to use a chip so big.  I have an NDEF server that runs comfortably on the CC430 (4KB), along with a lot of other stuff, so with 32KB RAM I guess they must be buffering the *entire* transaction on the MSP.  Considering the Moto X is designed to maximize battery runtime, I get it -- minimize trips to the big CPU.  That said, I'm still kind-of surprised they couldn't negotiate a SoC or SiP.


On a related note, if you don't have quite so demanding needs for your NFC app, and you want an MSP430, do check out the new RF430 parts from TI!  They are FR parts with FRAM, so pretty darn impressive.

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In reference to this, I have found another one, Disney's Glow with the Show.


Will definitely pick one up on my next visit to Orlando :smile:





Looks like Mikey got an update


.. or maybe it's an older version, definitely a different revision (GlowEars v1.5)


Still an MSP430G2553 though.

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3 MSP430's controlling LEDs and buttons in the new Mac Pro?



From the package (VQFN40?) it could be MSP430F23x0. Though the only trace of a MSP430F2380 can be found on a Chinese website (http://www.bdtic.com/TI/MSP430/MSP430F2380.html)


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