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I'm trying to set up the backchannel UART on the MSP430FR2355 launchpad so that it echoes back the characters I send it. I believe I've configured the UART on the msp430 correctly for 4800 baud. Please see the attached main.c.main.c.4800

When I try to send characters after opening a UART connection, I just see question marks. I'm stumped.

I'm using mspgcc, mspdebug, and linux for what it's worth.


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This line in your code for sure gives an issue. If this already solve the problem - i have not tested

  // Initialize UART and set RX interrupt enable

This will clear all bits except UCSWRST.

You would like to clear the UCSWRST bit but then you need to write




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Thanks for catching that.

I wasn't able to get the backchannel UART working, but when I switched to using an external level shifter, it worked. 🤷‍♀️

I think I remember reading somewhere that the backchannel UART doesn't work outside of CCS, but I can't seem to find that thread.

Anyway, using extra hardware works.

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