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Hyperterminal to MSP430 via UART, Print it to Display JHD162A

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Hello MSP430 coders once again


i am working on the latest thing such as take input from the Hyper terminal or Putty, and display it in jhd162a (16x2 display) via MSP430G2231


I successfully finished

1. UART with Hyper-terminal

2. Displaying String to JHD162A


the problem i am facing in g2231 is .. i am able to print String only like

.............taking example :P

printf("Hello this is launchpad");


but i want to make it print like

int i = 0;



printf("The number is : %d ", i);



i am giving you scenario so i take the printf Example ..


used code for printf is


inline void printf(const char *str)


P1OUT |= BIT6; // green led


uint i;

uint len = strlen(str);

for (i = 0; i < len; i++) {

// wait for TXBUF to complete last send...

// UCA0TXIFG is high when UCA0TXBUF is empty

while (!(IFG2 & UCA0TXIFG));

UCA0TXBUF = str;






need your suggestions

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