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Is there some simple and efficient way to make LED dim a little bit? Recently bought a set of 10 LEDs and they are way too bright.. They are not of the "diffused" type I used to have, just plain bright and after looking at them a little while, there will still be lights on that spot in my eyes when they are closed :shock:


I don't mind something permanent.. just make them less bright.. Thanks in advance!

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Driving a led without resistor probably is not a wise choice. It is worth the time and space.


Thanks, point taken, just found some resistors on sale at dx.com will sure try to grab some.



Did you try diffusing with sand paper? If you're controlling with a micro - PWM might be an option. Hopefully you're not exceeding spec voltage - they may not last very long.


Good idea with a sand paper, will try it!

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Driving an LED without series resistor is bound to make them die soon, unless you're using a current controlled driver, quick the msp430 is most definitely not. Even when using PWM is not going to help you here. LEDs have a maximum average current and a absolute maximum current, the launchpad is most probably going to exceed both, no PWM is going to fix that.

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