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Bare Bones F5172 EVM

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I've also created a 'F5172 eval board, but a simpler design.  See attached image.


This design was motivated by a need at U. of Colorado, Boulder for a Timer_D enabled '430 for use in their senior level power lab class.


Class starts on Monday, 1/14/2013.


Schematic and BOM is attached.


This board will be available for purchase from Schmartboard (http://www.schmartboard.com/) probably in about a month.


Model #710-0009-01, board size is 2"x3" with 0.1" headers and the usual MSP430 UIF interface.


It will cost between $20-$30 depending on if you want the MSP stuffed or not.


If there is enough interest, I can spin the gerbers and delete Schmartboard's proprietary board outline and logo if people want to roll their own.


Best regards,

S. Dunbar

Texas Instruments, FAE






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That would be great.. if it does hurt their TOS. Do you have a name for this board. It would be best to split it in it's own topic so as to not hijack spirilis' post.


Why do we just call it "Bare Bones F5172 EVM".  Can you please create the topic thread and I will add content.


I designed this board Pro Bono, but I do have to delete their patented features on something that the public could leverage.


The schmartboard system is modular, which is pretty cool, and they use a special solder mask technology on the top side to make soldering the MCU extra easy (prevents solder bridges between pins).

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