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MSP430 Launchpad very very basic UART

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Hello MSP430 Coders


   i have finished all the basic modules, now i stuck in to uart.

i need some ideas from your side,( if possible please give me code also :-P ) 


my Launchpad send signal to print numbers like 1,2,3 ... for every 1 second delay,

numbers should be printed in to hyper terminal.


what will the pin connection for the launchpad, Jumper setting and the most important thing is

how the launchpad will work.


Thanks you all.
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I have already attached the USB from launchpad to Laptop, but i am not getting any data in hyperterminal (COM1), i am confused that i have to connect the the Launchpad pins to Laptop(USB) or Launchpad(mini USB) to Laptop(USB)..

means .. from where i will recieve UART data.. From the Launchpad(mini USB) or from Launchpad PINS .. if  from launchpad pins i am getting data then how will i connect them to Laptop(USB)

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On Windows, when you installed the drivers for the LP, a "virtual" COM port was created. On my computer, without any other COM ports previously assigned, Windows gave one MSP430 COM3 and the other COM4, and my Stellaris LP COM6.


You might have to go into Device Manager to find out what that COM port is.

It would be listed under "Ports (COM & LPT)" and something like "MSP430 Application UART (COMX)" where "X" is the COM port number.


If you're under Linux or Mac, I can't help you there.


Also, do NOT use the LP through a USB hub or port expander. Some laptops and other computers will use an internal hub to add USB ports.

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Yeah you will very likely not be enumerating your virtual com port on com35. Every computer is different based on what other things you have plugged in over time, I have a few launch pads, they show up as com35 or com41, I've also seen com12 on a different pc. The only way to know is to get into device manager and find out. Don't need to use a separate cable.

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