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Hello. Sorry for my bad english...


Iam using MSP430 Launchpad with msp430g2553 chip. I want to connect lcd from Nokia 1100. But i don't initialization this display( I need help.

This is my code:







#define sclk   P2_1#define sda    P2_0#define cs     P1_5#define rst    P1_4#define CMD    0#define DATA   1// clear LCDvoid Lcd_Clear(void){unsigned int i;Lcd_Write(CMD,0x40); // Y = 0Lcd_Write(CMD,0xb0);Lcd_Write(CMD,0x10); // X = 0Lcd_Write(CMD,0x0);Lcd_Write(CMD,0xae); // disable display;for(i=0;i<255;i++)Lcd_Write(DATA,0x00);for(i=0;i<255;i++)Lcd_Write(DATA,0x00);for(i=0;i<255;i++)Lcd_Write(DATA,0x00);for(i=0;i<99;i++)Lcd_Write(DATA,0x00);Lcd_Write(CMD,0xaf); // enable display;}// Initialize the LCD.void Lcd_Init(){  digitalWrite(cs, LOW);  digitalWrite(rst, LOW);  delay(5);  digitalWrite(rst, HIGH);  Lcd_Write(CMD,0x20); // write VOP register  Lcd_Write(CMD,0x90);  Lcd_Write(CMD,0xA4); // all on/normal display  Lcd_Write(CMD,0x2F); // Power control set(charge pump on/off)  Lcd_Write(CMD,0x40); // set start row address = 0  Lcd_Write(CMD,0xb0); // set Y-address = 0  Lcd_Write(CMD,0x10); // set X-address, upper 3 bits  Lcd_Write(CMD,0x0);  // set X-address, lower 4 bits  Lcd_Write(CMD,0xC8); // mirror Y axis (about X axis)  Lcd_Write(CMD,0xa1); // Invert screen in horizontal axis  Lcd_Write(CMD,0xac); // set initial row (R0) of the display  Lcd_Write(CMD,0x07);  //Lcd_Write(CMD,0xF9); //  Lcd_Write(CMD,0xaf); // display ON/OFF  Lcd_Clear(); // clear LCD  Lcd_Write(CMD,0xa7); // invert display  delay(100);     Lcd_Write(CMD,0xa6); // normal display (non inverted)  delay(100);        }// Write a byte of data to lcd// Inputs:     c 
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