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What are you working on today/this week?

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I've been playing with NRF24L01+ modules and launchpads. I've got 'em to where they can run and send packets on a (&*@#% little solar panel out of a harbor freight solar path light, and make it th

Whilst I'm here, I had an unusual day today. UK comedian Ross Noble dropped round to my house with a TV crew to ask me about my NFC implant! He did a series a while ago called Freewheeling where he wa

I've been curious about 6502s lately (I was too young when the craze hit) and I have been working on this: The MSP430 communicates with a program over UART, driving the 6502 data lines and using IO

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Soldering up my RGB LED board from RobG, and testing out my 4m strip.  I'll edit in pics later, after I've had my coffee (hey, it's Sunday; I get up late).


EDIT: Pics:


Done with the caps, starting on the LEDs.  The gray case at top of the pic is a computer PSU I gutted and stuck charcoal filters, fan, and wall-wart inside to make a poor man's fume extractor.  Works okay, needs more air movement.



Finished, but it looks like I was a bit skimpy on soldering a couple of those header pins on the right.


Today I learned: My SMD soldering needs a LOT more practice. :oops:

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Mostly de-cluttering the house in preparation for a move. Any of you guys in the Indianapolis area? www.gwdeveloper.net Sent from Tapatalk...



I grew up about 20 min north of Indy (in Noblesville).  My parents still live in the area.


Comical, I spent 5 years living next to the Edgewood golf course, worked in Noblesville :)


Tapatalk Mobile Device



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Was not able to do much on my favorite hobby but my best friend and his wife visited and i show off my bluetooth controlled tank ;-)


By the way, my home is too small for a Christmas tree but we don't feel lacking something for there is this decoration :smile:



Only 3 LEDs but programming the effect is quite fun. I think it is the first time, after seeing me spending hours in weekends with the LaunchPads and breadboard, my wife looks interested in the making of these stuff, she asked what make these lights turns on and off with a rhythm etc hehe.. :grin:

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Just got notice from OSHPark that the boards for my level converters have been submitted and should be here soon.  The IC's for that and the motor controller for my robot should be sitting in my mailbox at work...assuming I can make it in tomorrow.  Our forecast two to three inches of snow turned out to be closer to a foot, and it's still coming down pretty heavy.  I just spent all weekend drawing up plans and a board for a universal wireless serial adapter.  I'm going to give it a few days for the details to leave my head so I can go back over it and find any bugs.

Oh, and I won a pretty neat 3 axis gyro (http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/-p-972.html) from Seeed through a facebook contest.  That's probably waiting for me at work too.

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