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IR library

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I wanted to implement TV remote functionality in some of my projects (both transmit and receive, as a simple communications protocol). Mounting and interfacing a TSOP348xx is simple enough -- but I couldn't find a library for managing TV remote signals.


This is not something I want to write myself, as there are a number of protocols that need to be implemented and debugged. I was surprised that there is no code from TI that does this. Is there something I'm missing?


The best I could find is a commit made to the Energia project about 6 months ago -- but that is a large piece of code, it doesn't look like it's low power (interrupt-driven) and I'm not yet sure if it has dependencies on other parts of Energia codebase.


Any hints/pointers?

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Iwas thinking of using that ir capture/send work you did to control my air conditioner, so I could turn it on from my Android phone while away from home - or hook it into Google Latitude and the internal so it detects a hot humid day and me coming home so automatically turns it on.


Too many projects before that happens, and too much to learn :-)

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