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Poll: What compiler tools do you use?

What compiler tools do you use?  

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I'd like to do a poll to see what compiler tools everyone is using. Can you tweak the forum to allow polls?


Here's what's on my mind.


I use CCS4 and so my code snippets are written in that fashion. I understand that mspgcc is different enough that the code has to be re-written before it will compile.


What tools do you use?



1. CCS4

2. IAR

3. GCC

4. Rowley

5. Other


What do you think?

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I'm using gcc because I'm on a Mac, mostly. (and I'm used to using gcc for AVR, 68K, MIPS, and PPC, and using a unix-like build environment rather than a product-specific IDE.)


My understanding is that the latest version of gcc for msp430 is set up to use the TI include files, rather than the non-TI include files it used to use. This should go a long ways to making things more compatible. (there are probably still "minor" incompatibilities at the edges: defining ISRs and so on, but I think the different include files were the big problem.)

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One not full on-topic question:


I do not know if it's only my problem, or is it general:


I do not use CCS4 (and other similar ECLIPSE based compilers) for two reasons:


1) It is big. No, not big, VERY BIG. Installs itself in thousands of directories across the system. I do not like this type of software.


2) The problem with the mouse. I want to use the mouse wheel for scrolling documents. But in CCS4 I roll and roll and roll ... And nothing. Only if I make a supersonic roll-speed, sometimes a little scrolling document. It's very annoying. I'm from that angry.


...And I'm disappointed from GRACE. I expected that GRACE will be a tool that generates me a clear and simple piece of code to insert into their applications. Instead I got a confusing piece of code that needs to their functioning linking library from TI.

I do not want a tool that creates a strange code.


And on-topic: I am using IAR (and I voted in the poll).

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No, since I'm also used to a non-GUI development environment, I get along fine with EMACS and Makefiles and such.

An interesting possibility is to run Eclipse on Mac with the individual compiler apps that run underneath running in Wine...

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