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Basic timer usage

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I want to "clock" how many cycles it takes for my code to get from line x to line y.  Could someone please advise me on how to set this up.  I've tried 

TACTL = TASSEL_2 + ID_0 + MC_0;   // Set up source (SMCLK), divider (1), timer halted
TACTL = MC_2;                     // Start timer in continuous mode
__delay_cycles(2345);           // Do stuff 
x=TAR;                          // Copy timer register into x 
TACTL = MC_0;                   // Stop timer


As it stands, x always has a value of 0.


Obviously I'm missing important code, but I don't know what.  Code examples I've seen use external signals, but I want this to measure from internal states.


Any help?  


I can't really use an IDE function to do this, as I'm wanting to measure the clock cycles between sending a message over RF, then receiving an acknowledge.


What I want to do in pseudo code.


1.  Start timer

2.  Tx over RF

3.  Rx Acknowledge

4.  Stop timer

5. Read timer.


Thanks in advance :smile:

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when you set  "TACTL = MC_2;"  you are setting the entire 16 bits...  so you are in effect turning off the flags you set earlier, and TASSEL = 0 (what you are setting it back to) is looking for the TACLK signal which is an external pulse, so your timer is never pulsing


for that same reason, use | when setting multiple flags to prevent some strange behavior sometimes. 

TACTL = TASSEL_2 | ID_0 | MC_0;


try writing it with a |=    (or equals)  so that you are only affecting the bits you want and leaving the rest alone


"TACTL |= MC_2;"   (enable timer, while leaving other bits alone)

"TACTL &= ~MC_2;"   (disable timer, while leaving other bits alone)

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