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issue with hyperterminal

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well m new to energia....

my serial monitor shows some garbage output for code(given below)on selecting msp430g2553.


int p=15;

void setup()





void loop()






this code should display 0's and 1's on serial monitor ,it will display 0's when switch is unpressed else 1's when pressed......

earlier i had selected the wrong board for which it was displaying no display on serial monitor...

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i tried printing simple array of characters....but same result garbage characters....

tried changing the baud rate....configured my jumpers to the required position....

and by serial console if u mean serial monitor ..yes i have tried it....even external hyperterminal i have tried....

my position of UART jumpers are as shown in the figure for mspg2553  rev 1.5 of the link.https://github.com/energia/Energia/wiki/Hardware....

but no good...
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