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I have a single copy of "Understanding Microprocessors" written by the Ti Instruments Learning Centre Staff in 1979 and published by the Tandy Corporation under the Radio Shack brand.....even in those days Ti had 16 bit processors namely the TMS9900 family, before I guess most people on this forum were born. 


Free to the person who comes up with the best reason for wanting it....I'll pay the shipping costs....





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I think at least 4 of the views on this thread are mine. ;-)


I owned a TI-99/4A back in the early/mid 80's. I find it curious Tandy would pick up the publishing rights for a processor they never used.

The TMS990 and 9900 had HUGE advantages over the 8086 and 8088, like separate data and address buss.. 16 bit as opposed to 8 bit....


the 9918 vdp was a 'marvel' if you will, allowing the various video modes it did and sprites while permitting "background" video sources.

One could theoretically play a video through the chip and overlay graphics on top....

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