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Ciao "Hi" from Italy

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I just discovered this site, hello everybody

I'm from Italy and sometimes I use flavours of MSP430.


Altough I don't have lot of spare time, and I prefere to use it for something else, I own an eZChronos

an EZ430-F2013 stick and I am one of the lucky guys who got the Stellaris Evalbot (it's not an msp430 but

... well it's really cool)


See you :)

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...Now I'm jealous. I want a Chronos :lol:


Seriously though, Do you think they will make a bluetooth model? Cause I would wait for that!





Congratulations, and Welcome.


This site seems to be pretty awesome. The members can be real funny, and I think its a blast to be able to connect to other people that share the same interests, like we have here.


Good luck and happy 430ing

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