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Convenient prototype extension board for MSP430 LaunchPad

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Often found that there are quite a lot of preparation work to do when trying to test out some simple code or concept, or explore an old IC of some sort collecting dust under the drawer. Everytime I have to pick up the LP, breadboard, jumper wires, LEDs, switches etc. This is my most favorite hobby but I can't afford a dedicated work bench so that means alot of work before and alot of clean up afterwards.


I wondered are there more convenient ways of doing this.. I'm sure I'm not the only one facing this problem, and there are very fancy dev boards out there with almost everything imaginable on it - LEDs, switches, capsense, 7-digit display etc.. But I liked my LaunchPad with its small form factor and the unbeatable price tag.


I think I needed something compact yet convenient. But compact implies less feature.. oh well, this little board is trying to see if it works for me.


It is build upon a bare board, in an 90 degree inclined position sitting on the VCC and GND headers of the LP, providing these to the corresponding rails on the simple board (centered horizontally across). The stuff on this board includes:


- 1x 18 pin socket - good for most of my simple ICs like shift registers

- 1x 20 pin socket - good for sitting another G2553 for testing out I2C labs

- 8x Blue LED

- 8x Green LED





All the pins on the sockets are brought out with male headers. The LEDs are all grounded so it only takes one wire for it to work.




The 90 degree position isfor saving some space (instead of having the breadboard sitting somewhere else) while still have the freedom of most commonly used stuff I needed for breadboarding. I am not sure will it be easier to trace jumper wires but wanted to see if this will help.




Some more stuff are planned, but I'm not sure these all can be packed ;-)


- 1x 4-pin female headers for bluetooth

- 2x switches with NC/NO option

- 1x CR2032 battery holder

- more headers for Vcc, GND, and blank for easy connections by wires / jumpers





Another thought will be building upwards with simple connectors. But then the physical stress on the two pins may be to much.. will see how it goes :smile:

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