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I have used the Easylink examples for Energia and I was able to send data from a Launchpad CC1310 to another at 50kbps. But I need to increase the baud rate to 200kbps or 500kbps. I have replaced EasyLink_Phy_50kbps2gfsk to EasyLink_Phy_200kbps2gfsk in the following files: 

  • Easylink/src/Easylink.h line 42
  • Easylink/src/easylink/Easylink.h line 223 and 232
  • Easylink/src/easylink/Easylink.c line 159 and 614
  • In Example EasylinkRX and EasylinkTx line 22 

I have also replaced the configuration in smart_settings.c and smart_settings.h with the configuration generate by smartRF Studio (see configuration below). It compiles. But the communication does not work.

What else must be changed? Can you provide a project or a library that is already working at this baud rate? 

I send you attached my project. That way you might find easily the error. I have spent hours at this and have no clue what's wrong. I hope you can help me.



// Parameter summary

// Address: 0
// Address0: 0xAA
// Address1: 0xBB
// Frequency: 868.00000 MHz
// Data Format: Serial mode disable
// Deviation: 70.000 kHz
// pktLen: 30
// 802.15.4g Mode: 0
// Select bit order to transmit PSDU octets:: 1
// Packet Length Config: Variable
// Max Packet Length: 128
// Packet Length: 20
// Packet Data: 255
// RX Filter BW: 311 kHz
// Symbol Rate: 200.00000 kBaud
// Sync Word Length: 32 Bits
// TX Power: 14 dBm (requires define CCFG_FORCE_VDDR_HH = 1 in ccfg.c, see CC13xx/CC26xx Technical Reference Manual)
// Whitening: No whitening 


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