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ADC Resolution

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Youre right, i was looking skew.

So I guess my only alternative is to look at the Stellarpad?

I was attracted to the msp430 as I could reduce pincount as I only use 1 Analog input and no digitals. I am just looking for higher resolution and really like the simplicity of Arduino environment.

Any suggestions?

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you should try the msp430f2013. it's available in dip and u can just replace your g2213/g2553 on the $4.30 launchpad.


it has 16 bit adc. if u don't want the dip package, u can get the ez430 usb stick tool.


the f2012/f2013 are almost identical to the g2231.

Hi simpleavr,


Thanks for the tip about the MSP430F2013.

It has some nice features but other specs are a bit disappointing :

MSP430F2013: 2KB + 256B Flash Memory, 128B RAM

This is a very small amount of RAM and Flash, perhaps better suited to programming with assembler...



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