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Secret Santa

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This is late, but does anyone want to participate? There is still time.


How will it work?

1. Reply to this thread if you are participating.

2. PM me with:

  • your forum name
  • real name
  • your address.
  • Paired with international ok?

3. I'll pair you guys up and send out a PM to you saying who you matched up with.

4.I'd prefer it the gifts were under $20, but you can ship whatever you want.


I'll keep this open for two days. This should be fun.



  1. Bluehash
  2. SirPatrick
  3. LariSan
  4. SugarAddict
  5. PentiumPC
  6. Jwoodrell
  7. LastAid
  8. abecedarian


Invites sent on 18th Dec, 2012.

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