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simpliciti rf security

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My initial feeling is that you can encrypt the package you are sending, see for instance http://www.ti.com/lit/an/slaa397a/slaa397a.pdf

Anybody trying to sniff will see your data if they understand the protocol but the payload is encrypted and needs to be decrypted still and is of no use.


In my setup I let my sensors send data around using predefined IDs and a simple unencrypted payload. Anybody checking my datastream will have to know to what sensor a sensorID is connected and thats information only I know. And to be able to sense my datastream they will have to be very near to my house.





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Some MSP430F5 devices (and all CC430 devices) have a built-in AES hardware accelerator.  You can use this to encrypt data, but it's not a completely transparent process.  AES128 requires 128bit aligned data.  Also, every implementation I've ever seen requires some form of integrity check, and this must be implemented in the protocol.  If you spend a day of internet research on AES pre-shared key security, you can probably work-out an architecture for your system.

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