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Launchpad Serial Communication Bosterpack.

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What do You think about?


I would like make pack with:


- RS232: MAX3232

- RS485: MAX3483 half-duplex transeiver,

- HC05/6 Digi Bluetooth module,

- Xbee/ZigBee Digi module,

- ISO7221, dual isolator for external communication module,

- small power supply


a few LED's for live status.


Any suggestions?



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I suggest adding a RC-5 transmitter


Only IR Led + driver?


and a LIN tranceiver as well.


Which type of part? I have not experience with LIN transmision and I need a litlle bit help....



 I'd also use a RS-485 full duplex tranceiver, so you can use it in half duplex mode is wanted, but also have full duplex capable.


MAX3488 full-duplex or MAX3491 with !DE/RE pin (it will be more flexible)?

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spirilis-> I made FT23x board, but now I still have problems with chip availability...



TheDirty -> QFN is no problem for me, bux MAX has better price in Poland, ADM is not easy to buy. But thanks for info, its good idea to my other equipment (ony one RX/TX drivers), its like old DS275 chip.




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For full duplex, I'd go with a chip with separate transmission enable and receive enable, otherwise it'd be just half duplex.


For RC-5 you'd officially need a carrier frequency, I think there are three-pin packages which just take Vcc/Vdd and serial and apply the carrier themselves. (it's something like 35kHz carrier, not that fancy)

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I would be really interested in this...especially the bluetooth part.


Are you planning on populating both channels of the MAX3232?  Are all devices doing to be hooked up to one bus so they all operate in parallel? If it is common bus, it would be nice to have jumpers to swap RX/TX on the transceivers so you could turn it into a pass-through device with the launchpad sitting in the middle monitoring the traffic.  If they are all broken out to individual pins, then a header matrix to allow manual interconnect would be handy

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