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Ultra sonic distance sensor(work in progress)

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This is just the start of my project.


Ultra sonic distance sensor, based on paralax ping sensor or other ultra sonic distance sensors .


24Khz and 40Khz ultra sonic transducer.


Basic operation:

Send Pulse--> wait for echo --> read time between pulse and echo --> send distance --> start over.




completed part of projct at the time of posting.

Output amplifier--completed

PWM output (24Khz) --completed


Parts that need to be completed

Input amplifier/opamp -- waiting for jfet opamp, considering a 741 just for testing purposes

pulse length code -- was working on it, didn't work, reallized enabling interrupts would help greatly

Distance calculation--- waiting for other parts to be completed

40Khz PWM output



Tested 24Khz transducer, 5v.

Was able to see reflected signal(1m,3ft,1yd) on an oscilliscope through the other transducer, Signal that was detected was below .01v, about ~.002v peak to peak.


Next steps:

 pulse length code

listen code.

Finalize amplifier, (would like to have 5-12v operating voltage for amp)

prototype input amp (lf356, or 741 or class A with High gain)

Choose Output type, UART, SPI, I2C 1wire, LCD, audio (sonar ping?)


Currently I am uing a g2553 because of the 2 timers built in, I am sure I could do this with a g2231 or f2013/f2012 but for ease of prototyping, (HW UART) 2553 was chosen at this time.



max distance with lowest power consumption

max distance with highest power

small form factor

....more goals to come 

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