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Very simple IR remote

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I made a very simple IR remote control with a MSP430G2211, a 4x4 keypad, and an IR LED.


I wanted to make a remote for my car radio, but for the time being, it's a Sony TV remote.


You can see the code (mspgcc) at https://github.com/rbasoalto/sonyremote


A couple of pictures...





The code could use a little rework, but for a quick&dirty hack, it's working pretty nice.



  • Keypad
  • IR LED
  • MSP430G2211 + socket
  • Resistor for RST (it's inside the socket)
  • Decoupling cap (probably not needed)
  • Salvaged iPod Li-ion battery
  • AMS1117-3.3 regulator (just the one I had lying around...)
  • Assorted connectors
  • Perf board


Next steps:

  • Program new codes using keypad.
  • Add a receiver module to enable learning of new codes.
  • Higher power IR, using a transistor or MOSFET and a couple of high-intensity IR LEDs
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