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Sunrise Alarm (Atomic) Clock (fully featured)

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Found this through hackaday.


Sunrise Alarm Clock.


Uses a G2553 (Programmed via Launchpad)

Uses a DFC-77 Atomic Radiowave Time Receiver for, well, atomic time.

Standard Character LCD (via a shift register) (and pwmed backlight)

Settings through Pushbuttons

Simple Alarm via PWM melody.

10mm LEDS to provide Sunlight (These could/should be replaced with high current 1a/3a type leds imho)


And battery backup (with backup status recognition on p1.4 interrupt) via three diodes!


A full featured project, though it could use better leds, and unless you are in Europe, a different clock (either standalone rtc, or a regional radio clock source WWV or WWVB in US though I can't find a source for modules)

And a complete schematic would be nice (I think they mislabeled which regulator they use, since they have 5v in on a 7805 regulator (5v out), connected to the g2553)



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